Archie Kennedy, as portrayed by Jamie Bamber.

This article is about Archie Kennedy, the character from the Hornblower TV series. You may be looking for Kennedy, the midshipman from Mr. Midshipman Hornblower.

Archie Kennedy served as Midshipman aboard HMS Justinian and Indefatigable, later as an acting Lieutenant, and as 4th lieutenant aboard HMS Renown. He also was one of the closest friends of young Horatio Hornblower . Kennedy was portrayed by Jamie Bamber.

Midshipman Edit

HMS Justinian Edit

Archie Kennedy was one of those who suffered most under the tyrant of the midshipmen's berth, Jack Simpson. Kennedy's fear of Simpson went so far that he frequently experienced seizures.

HMS Indefatigable Edit

Fortunately for Kennedy, when the midshipmen were transferred to other ships, he escaped Simpson's clutches.

However, after some time the Indefatigable came across a wreck, and picked up one survivor: Jack Simpson.

With Simpson, the seizures returned, which proved nearly disastrous during the capture of the Papillon. Kennedy almost gave the attackers away, but Horatio Hornblower had the presence of mind to knock him unconscious.

The men were saved, but Simpson, seeing Kennedy unconscious in the boat, cut the boat loose and it drifted away.

Simpson boasted that he had killed Kennedy, but he was merely captured.

Captivity Edit

Kennedy tried to escape multiple times, but was moved to another prison every time.

Eventually he ended up in a Spanish prison - the very same prison that Hornblower was brought to later. The seizures returned once again with the memories of Simpson Hornblower brought, and Kennedy thought himself useless. He tried to starve himself to death, but Hornblower eventually convinced him to eat again.

Acting lieutenant -HMS Indefatigable Edit

Acting Lieutenant Kennedy participated in the Quiberon invasion attempt. He was in charge of defending the bridge to Muzillac and destroying it if necessary. However, once the time came to do so, he was reluctant, fearing he might cut Hornblower off from the ship. Just after Matthews lit the fuse for him, Hornblower and Mariette returned from the village. Mariette was shot, and Kennedy almost had to drag his grieving friend across the bridge, which was destroyed after them.


HMS RenownEdit

Kennedy served as 4th lieutenant on the Renown. He soon grew to dislike Captain Sawyer for his erratic way of command.

Sawyer saw conspiracies left and right, and continuously attacked Henry Wellard and Horatio Hornblower, having the former beaten unconscious once and putting the latter on continuous watch for 72 hours. Seeing that the captain was becoming mentally unstable, Lieutenants Buckland, Hornblower, Kennedy and later Bush, as well as Mr. Midshipman Wellard, decided to put an end to this and have the captain declared unfit for command by Dr. Clive.

However, Sawyer discovered their meeting, and in the ensuing chaos, fell into the hold, fracturing his skull.

Kennedy participated in the capture of the Spanish fort.

When the Spanish prisoners escaped, Kennedy was wounded, but hid his injury from Hornblower initially.

At Kingston, the officers of the Renown were tried for mutiny. Unexpectedly, Buckland blamed Hornblower for Sawyer's fall. Hobbs was called to testify, but couldn't say anything about the matter.

Fearing that Hornblower might be convicted, and knowing that, with his state worsening, he had nothing to lose, Kennedy decided to take the blame for Sawyer's fall himself.

Kennedy died shortly before he was to be hanged, with a distraught Hornblower by his side. His name was not mentioned in the account of the Renowns' heroics, but he would be remembered by Sir Edward Pellew and Horatio Hornblower .


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