Lieutenant Bracegirdle as portrayed by Jonathan Coy

Bracegirdle was a lieutenant aboard HMS Indefatigable and later appeared as a captain of a 20 gun sloop in the final Hornblower film, Duty. He appeared in 5 of the 8 Hornblower films and was portrayed by Jonathan Coy. He was a well respected character on board HMS Indefatigable in the first four films and acted as a mentor and friend to the main character Horatio Hornblower. Bracegirdle was killed in the final hornblower movie Duty when a 5 inch howitzer shell fired from the French coast hit the ships boat which he was travelling to HMS Hotspur in. His death was a sad moment in the film and had an impact on a number of the Hotspur's crew who had served with him previously.

Appearances Edit

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