Captain Hammond as portrayed by Ian McElhinney.

Captain Charles Hammond is a Captain in the Royal Navy. In 1793, Captain Hammond commanded the warship HMS Arethusa. He later sat on the board of when Acting Lieutenant Hornblower stood for his examination for lieutenant and was affectionately known among some as 'Black Charlie Hammond'. The Board consisted of Captains Foster, Harvey, and Hammond. Hammond commanded HMS Calypso and some time previously served as First Lieutenant in HMS Pegasus. His poodle jumped out of the boat and drowned at Port of Spain. The midshipman then with Hammond decides therefore, not to stand for examination, since Hammond would not have forgotten the incident.

In the TV film Hornblower: Loyalty Hammond is revealed as an an Irish traitor when he attempts to sabotage an attack on a French fort. Hammond commits suicide after his nephew (a midshipman) is killed, and Hornblower refrains from mentioning Hammond's treachery in his report.

Appearances Edit

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