Dominica is an island in the Lesser Antilles. Guadaloupe is located to the north and Martinique is located to the south; the Caribbean Sea is to the west and the Atlantic Ocean is to the east.

Coordinates: 15°25'N 61°20'W

History Edit

On Sunday, 3 November 1493, Columbus observed the island and named it after the Latin name of the week. Later, a few Spanish settlers came to the island, but, as europeans settled other islands, indigenous people from those islands escaped to Dominica and eventually pushed out the Spanish.

In 1660 England and France came to an agreement that Dominica should be left to the Caribs as neutral territory, but, foresters from both countries began to harvest from the island. In 1690, France started a small settlement, so it became a French colony. France eventually colonized Domica and imported African slaves; they soon became the majority population of the island.

Britain conquered Dominica, it was ceded to Britain in 1763. During the American Revolutionary War, France invaded the island, but it was returned to Britain in 1783. France attempted invasions in 1795 and 1805 unsuccessfully. Britain established a colony in 1805.

Dominica was mentioned during a discussion by Buckland, Bush, and Hornblower during the capture of the gun battery on Samaña, by HMS Renown as they discussed the disposition of the Spanish at the other battery across the bay.

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