DenisLawson Foster

Captain 'Dreadnaught' Foster as portrayed by Denis Lawson.

The Novel Edit

Captain Foster of HMS Dreadnaught sat on the Board of Examination for Hornblower's examination for Lieutenant along with captains Hammond of HMS Calypso, and Harvey of the Gibraltar dockyard). He climbs on board the fireship with Hornblower, is forced to leap back into the sea, is picked up by a small French boat, then recaptured by the boat with the other captains and has an amusing huffy argument with them about their late arrival, hinting that a duel will be fought.

TV series Edit

In the episode The Examination for Lieutenant, he is portrayed as brash, harsh, and unyielding. A passenger aboard a supply ship confronted by Spanish war ships, he refused to let the captain surrender, and instead ran at the enemy and was sunk. A crewman accused him of killing them all, and attacked him with a knife. He fought the man off and killed him. He and the few survivors were later picked up by Captain Pellew. Pellew clearly doesn't like him, and just as clearly, Hornblower is impressed by the man's reputation.

Foster later appeared aboard HMS Dreadnaught and offloads supplies and cattle from Hornblower's quarantined supply ship, Caroline in Hornblower's absence. Hornblower returned and informed Foster the supplies and his ship were quarantined, Foster disregarded his concern, saying the quarantine was nearly over, although it had a full week left to run. He said he would take supply by force if need by. Hornblower yielded, but said if he took the supplies, he took the responsibility as well. Foster was not best pleased by the remark.

When Hornblower finally reported for his exam, it was Foster who was presiding over the examination. Moments before he fails Hornblower, they are interrupted by a fire ship attack in the harbour. Both he and Hornblower board the fire ship and steer it away from Indefatigable before the steering was disabled. They abandoned ship, and were in the water only a few minutes when a following boat picked them up. He complained about their not having followed, about his having to wait, and the griping eventually descended into a challenge for a duel

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