HMS Atropos was a sloop-of-war named after a Greek mythological figure. Atropos was Horatio Hornblower's first command as a Post-Captain.

The Atropos was a Sixth-rate built at Chatham in 1781, a ship just large enough to support the dignity of a Post-Captain.

Her commission under Hornblower began in November 1805. She had already been fitted out at Deptford. Her previous captain, Caldecott, suffered a mental breakdown and Hornblower was unexpectedly assigned to replace him. The Atropos had a varied career under Hornblower’s command, including retrieving sunken treasure off the coast of Turkey, rescuing kidnapped citizens of Malta from the Barbary Pirates of Tunis, and fighting a ship twice her size, the Spanish frigate Castilla.

The Atropos was armed with eighteen 12pdr carronades and four 9pdr guns and supported a crew of 155 men.

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