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"It's the bloody Indy!"

The HMS Indefatigable

The HMS Indefatigable was a frigate in the Royal Navy commanded by Captain Sir Edward Pellew. Horatio Hornblower served on the Indefatigable, or "Indy", as the crew called her.

Crew Index Edit


Sir Edward Pellew, Captain (promoted to Commodore)

Eccles, First Lieutenant

Bolton, Third Lieutenant

Chadd, Lieutenant

Wales, Carpenter

Cutler, Gunner

Low, Ship's Surgeon

Soames, Sailing Master

Waldron, Bosun

Bracegirdle, Midshipman (promoted)

Hornblower, Midshipman/Acting Lieutenant (promoted to Third Lieutenant aboard the HMS Renown in the TV series)

Kennedy, Midshipman (promoted to Forth Lieutenant aboard the Renown in the TV series)

Mallory, Midshipman


Arson, Seaman

Carson, Seaman

Clough, Seaman

Clynes, Seaman

Douglas, Musket man

Finch, Seaman

Franklin, Seaman

Hales, Seaman

Herbert, Seaman

Hunter, Seaman

Jackson, Coxswain, jolly boat

Jordan, Under-coxswain, longboat

Lewis, Seaman

Matthews, Seaman

Maxwell, Coxswain, longboat

Muggridge, Surgeon's Mate

Oldroyd, Seaman

Partridge, Bosun's mate

Styles, Seaman

Washburn, Cooper's Mate

Wells, Seaman

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