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The HMS Justinian

HMS Justinian was a 74-gun ship of the line of the Royal Navy, and the first vessel Horatio Hornblower served on as a midshipman at the age of seventeen.


The Justinian was a Third-rate launched on the Thames in 1786 to the design of Sir Thomas Slade. She was an old ship by the time Hornblower came aboard and not a happy one. Captain Keene was a sick man and several of her lieutenants were far too old for active service. The midshipman’s mess, Hornblower’s new home, was ruled by a bully named Simpson. Simpson, at age thirty-three, had failed his examination for lieutenant too many times to ever expect promotion and he took out his bitterness and disappointment on his juniors. After he fought a duel with Simpson, Hornblower was transferred to another ship by Captain Keene for his own good. The Justinian was badly damaged by grounding pin 1797 and ended as a sheer hulk in Plymouth.

Justinian carried a crew of 590 men and was armed with twenty-eight 32lb guns, twenty-eight 18lb guns, and fourteen 9lb guns.

Crew Index Edit

Officers Edit

Keene, Captain

Clay, First Lieutenant

Masters, Lieutenant

Bowles, Master

Cleveland, Midshipman

Hether, Midshipman

Horatio Hornblower, Midshipman

MacKenzie, Midshipman

John Simpson, Midshipman

Crewmembers Edit

Danvers, master's mate

Hepplewhite, ship's surgeon

Preston, master's mate

Nelson, midshipmen's berth mess attendant

Appearances Edit

Mr. Midshipman Hornblower: The Even Chance (First appearance)


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