HMS Marguerite was a frigate, Captain Courtney commanding in 1798 during Hornblower's tour as Fourth Lieutenant. Courtney enjoyed the flagrant and excessive use of flogging for menial reasons such as the last crew member to follow his order.

Marguerite was the scene of a mutiny by fifteen men scheduled for flogging ordered by Courtney when Hornblower was ordered to negotiate terms, and he gave his and Courtney's word that they would not be flogged for a week.

At the end of the week, before Courtney had opportunity to flog them, she engaged the Spanish ship Castilla and took her as prize. During the battle Courtney was wounded by Fletcher, one of the mutineers.

No historic ship by the name of Marguerite was in the Royal Navy at the time of Hornblower. HMAS Marguerite was laid down in 1915 in Scotland and later transferred to Australia.

Appearances Edit

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