Coordinates: 17°59'N 76°48W

Kingston is the capital city of Jamaica, established after the earthquake of 1692.

Jutting into the sea from east of Kingston is a narrow sand bar at the end of which is Port Royal and Port Royal Point, and from the western shore of the bay is a peninsula, the end of which is known as Mosquito Point. Port Royal Point forms Kingston Harbour and the Mosquito Point peninsula with Port Royal forms Port Royal Harbour.

To the east of Port Royal and south of the sand bar are the Port Royal Cays, the northernmost of which is Gun Cay (Gun Key).

On the western shore of the bay is Salt Pond and Salt Pond Hill, and to the west of them is the Liguanea, or Long Mountain.

Although sailing directly from England for the mission at Santo Domingo, HMS Renown operated under the command of the admiral at Kingston.

As HMS Renown entered Kingston, Lieutenant Bush, who was severely injured during the attempt by the Spanish prisoners to take Renown was trying to imagine all of these since he was in his cabin unable to be on deck.


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