"The Saint Nicholas, 84 guns"
Horatio Hornblower[src]

The Saint Nicholas was a large, 3 masted, 84 gun ship of the line, used by the Spanish Navy. The ship had 2 main gundecks, and had more guns on her top deck. She was an extremely powerful ship, with more guns than most of the ships Hornblower served on, such as HMS Indefatigable or HMS Renown.

In the TV series Edit

The ship was seen in Hornblower: The Duchess and the Devil, and was spotted by Oldroyd when Hornblower's ship, Le Reve, was surrounded by the Spanish fleet. The Saint Nicholas was the first Spanish ship which Hornblower and his crew encountered. Since it towered above Hornblower's own ship, none of the crew onboard the Saint Nicholas even noticed Hornblower, or his crew, and assumed it was part of their fleet.

Behind the scenesEdit

Even though the Saint Nicholas was a twin-decker ship of the line, it was actually portrayed by the Grand Turk, the same frigate which was used to portray the Papillon and HMS Indefatigable. However, only the top gundeck of the ship is actually seen, and therefore, looks like any ship of the line or frigate.

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