Coordinates: 50°47'26"N 1°6'10"W

The George was an historical hotel in the High Street, Portsmouth which was mentioned numerous times in the Hornblower saga. It was damaged beyond repair during WWII, so it was demolished. Today George Court, a block of flats, sits in its place.

Those involved in the duel between Hornblower and Simpson met at the George for transportation to the scene of the planned duel.

Hornblower and Maria Mason are married at the Thomas à Beckett Church and hold their reception at The George. During their reception, Hornblower meets Admiral Cornwallis, in charge of the blockade fleet at Brest, who informs Hornblower that HMS Hotspur is under Cornwallis' command and gives him instructions. After the meeting, Cornwallis attends Hornblower's reception and toasts the newlyweds.

Appearances Edit

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