The Hornblower Story is a 20 part BBC radio adaptation of 4 of the Hornblower books for the BBC done by Val Gielgud in 1968.

Contributors Edit

  • Music composed by: Johnny Pearson
  • Produced by: Trevor Hill
  • Story by: David Fleming-Williams, Jack Hollinshead
  • Special effects by David Fleming-Williams and Jack Hollinshead in conjunction with the Sail Training Association aboard the Malcolm Miller , H.M.S. Eaglet, Liverpool, and the Sea Cadets. Fleetwood.

Cast Edit

  • Admiral Lord Hornblower the storyteller: John Westbrook
  • Hornblower as a young Midshipman: Derrick Gtlbert
  • Lieutenant Masters: Geoffrey Banks
  • Mr Midshipman Simpson: Paul Bond
  • Captain Keene: Roy Barraclough
  • Mr Midshipman Cleveland: Paul Webster
  • Lieutenant Chalk: David Scase
  • Mr Midshipman Caldwell: Bruce Bould

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